The Team Launch

Whilst there will be a full launch of all the VCUK teams together in early 2015, we met up yesterday to present our team to the sponsors that have supported us so far in our project.

Five Riders

It was great to get everyone in the studio’s of Transition Cycle Coaching over in Bury to chat and talk through what we have planned for 2015.

Representatives of the team sponsors with our riders:

Team and SponsorsThe team have received some great support from local and national companies and the riders took time out from their training schedules to meet and get to know them a little better.

Champion Systems/VCUK – one of our headline sponsors and it was great to see Ciaran from Champion Systems over to talk with team rider Halley Woods.

Champion Systems VCUK

Transition Cycle Coaching: we have been working hard with Jody and Josh from Transition and their expertise and experience will be invaluable as the boys start racing. Team rider Luke Cheetham chats with Jody and Josh about the season ahead.

Transition Cycle Coaching

Transition Cycle Coaching

Hewitt Cycles – our bike sponsors, who have assisted us with the Ridley Orions that the boys will ride in 2015. Team rider Jonny Holden chats with Paul Hewitt:

Hewitt Cycles

Secret Training/STRIP – the boys have all been given their race day kits which really does make a difference to the way they prepare for races. Team rider Lewis Hartley meets with Tim Lawson to say thanks:


Bamford Dental Practice: Nick Hall has been a great supporter of the project from its infancy and it was great to see him over chatting with team rider Dan Gibson

Bamford Dental Practice

The Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund – we are passionately supporting two charities in 2015 and it was great to see Kevin and Jacqui over to talk with team rider Jonny Holden:

Lewis Balyckyi Trust Fund

There were also several other sponsors who could not be with us on the day, but sent us some samples and products to share with our supporters:

GoCoCo Water:

GoCoCo Water



Love Beets


Creative Nature Snack Bars:

Creative Nature


Brite Ride:

Brite Ride

Team Launch


The riders and their families, the team sponsors and their supporters had a great afternoon and everyone went away feeling energised and enthused about the project and what we hope to achieve.

Have a great Christmas and we look forward to a happy and successful 2015 !







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