Nutrition Sponsors


The team have some excellent hydration partners in the shape of GOCOCO WATER. Making sure that the riders are hydrated is extremely important and we are delighted to have the support of GOCOCO – you can read more about them by clicking their logo below.






“Creative Nature is a young, fresh super food company providing premium quality, nutrient-dense foods to help naturally increase your daily Vitamin and mineral intake. With a wide range of powders, wholefoods, capsules and bars, Creative Nature really do have something for everyone, ranging from everyday health conscious people to those who are very active in the sporting communities.

Whether you want a pre or post workout shake, or a healthy snack to keep in your jersey pocket during races, Creative Nature will look after you, so let Nature be your guide…”

The team are very pleased to be supported by Creative Nature for our energy bars needs in the season ahead. The bars provide the energy the team needs to be in the very best shape for each event we take part in. You can read more about Creative Nature by clicking the image below.

Creative Nature logo Gold


PULSIN (Whey Protein for recovery)

Pulsin’ are an independent nutrition company based in Gloucester that produces unflavoured protein powders without added nasties. It was started by 3 friends: Ben, Nick and Simon who are still passionate about product development and play a strong role in producing the products on a daily basis. Pulsin’s purpose is to put the fun into Functional foods and it’s vision is to replace the high sugar junk food pushers with it’s naturally inspired products.


Pulsin' Logo July 2013