Headline Sponsors


VCUK is a nationwide cycling and triathlon development club that was established to help anyone get into the sports and reach their potential.

Being internet based but with a focus on socialising, VCUK is a great way to join a club that can help you get started and offers lots of advice and benefits to it’s members.

So whether you are 5 or 90 years old, have just taken up cycling or triathlon for fun, or want to be the next World champion we can help you achieve your goals.





The team carries the “Inspire” name as one of its headline sponsors and we are delighted with the commitment and interest they have shown as part of the project.

Inspire Risk Management Schemes LLP are a firm of specialist insurance brokers who work to develop specialist commercial insurance products in the Technology, Digital and Media sectors alongside schemes for Cleaning Contractors (via the Gleaming Insurance brand), covers for business events (via the InsuredEvents.com brand) and specialist insurance covers in the Multi Sport arena.

You can read more about them and what they do by clicking the images below:



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