Coaching the Team 2016





Fastest Highest Strongest has partnered with the Inspire VCUK Racing Team for the latter part of 2015 and for the 2016 racing season with the goal of improving our riders athletic performance and enabling them to reach out to their long term cycling goals.


FHS is based on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire headed up by Richard Haughton who himself has 20 years of direct experience of both leading people and participating in the physical education, coaching, fitness, and competitive sporting arena. Also on the staff is James Gullen who has been racing on the domestic scene as an Elite for the past 5 years competing in some of the biggest races around the UK.


FHS image


Richard is a dedicated family man and is married with three children. He has direct experience and understands how important it is to see training as an integrated part of your life and not as a bolt on (or an effort). He believes that long term enjoyment and overall fitness are key goals that underpin your specific ones.


These values match with how the Inspire VCUK Racing Team want to develop their riders and we are sure that Richard’s approach to coaching and ability to work with young athletes will  be of tremendous benefit to each rider in the team not just in the short term but throughout the rest of their lives both on and off the bike.