Sprint Fest – a short report …

One of our teams riders, Luke Cheetham took part in “Sprint Fest” at the Manchester Velodrome a couple of weeks ago and he sent over a short report of that event:

“Over the last weekend I was doing an event at the Manchester velodrome called Sprint Fest. Sprint Fest is a weekend of match sprint racing with advice from coaches on tactics for the whole weekend. The aim of this is to improve riders skills and tactics at match sprinting.

The first day started with all the riders doing a flying 200 to be put into groups. Following this, all the riders did three match sprints and talked to coaches before and afterwards to discuss the tactics used and how that could be improved. Depending on the riders position in each sprint they would get moved up or down a group.

On the second day there were two more sets of match sprints before we went into finals and minor finals to decide everybody’s overall position for the weekend. ”

Luke Cheetham

Luke enjoyed this format and feels he really benefited from his weekend’s work.

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