Scunthorpe Youth Omnium

Sunday saw Luke and Halley travel over to Scunthorpe to take on the third round of the National Youth Omnium series in very windy conditions on the near 500 metre open air velodrome there, with Dan and Lewis deciding to sit this one out. Again the weather was kind (always a risk at an outdoor track !) with clear skies allowing a day of uninterrupted racing.


The organisers had elected to change the running order, putting the Youth A riders on first to try and give them an early finish as a number of the second year riders had exams the following day, meaning a mad dash to get ready for the first event, the 2 lap Time Trial. Luke was off in the second heat and struggled to get up to speed after starting in a raging headwind. Halley was in the last heat and faired better.


The second event was the Elimination Race, more commonly known as the Devil, where the last rider over the line each lap is pulled out of the race. Halley managed to hold on to finish just outside the top ten with Luke finishing sixth.

The Scratch race was a fast and furious affair, being run off at an average speed of over 40kph despite several neutralised laps following a couple of nasty crashes. Halley and Luke managed to avoid the crashes and Halley launched a great attack when the race restarted with 2 laps left and was unlucky to get caught with half a lap to go. The final outcome was both of the boys finishing safely in the bunch.

The Match sprints were only run off for the first 18 riders so Luke just missed out on this. Halley held his own in his race to hold his overall position going into the final event of the day, the Points Race.


Again fast and furious racing was the order of the day with a few attacks gaining some points before being reeled back in. Halley managed to pick up 2 points in one of the sprints while Luke stayed safely in the bunch but never managed to get amongst the points on the sprint laps.

All in all more experience on the steep learning curve the 1st year riders have in front of them as they adapt to the faster and more aggressive racing in the Under 16 category as the boys continue to step up to the plate and enjoy their racing.

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