NWCCA – Westmorland Showground – Round 4

This weekend provided the first double header of the season with the boys riding on Saturday at Heaton Park in RD3, followed by races in the South Lakes at the Westmorland Showground on Sunday (RD4).


Sunday seemed a little warmer and less damp with only a light breeze in the air (and the odd hot air balloon!).


This is the first time the venue has been used by the NWCCA and on reflection it was just perfect…in fact, it was that good that we will be recommending it for future Trophy events. There was ample parking, changing facilities, and superb terrain for making a real spectacle in CX racing. Perhaps even the next World Cup…Simon Burney?

Anyway, on with the racing and no disappointing here. Nathan, Cory and Lewis were joined by around thirty youth riders who assembled at the entrance to the park to begin their race. An air horn was used to signal the start on a gravel  track that  passed through the finish area before veering off uphill and on to the green stuff.


Cory sprinted off the line once the race was underway, full of rage from the previous day, and pulled away immediately with Lewis and Nathan at his side. These three then proceeded to grow their lead through the initial stages of the race.

On the bottom of one of the descents, Lewis entered the corner at full pelt with Cory and Nathan on his wheel. Cory later remarked that Lewis rode into the corner way too fast and when he tried to follow he ended up in the tape with Nathan – that’s racing I suppose – who dares wins!

None of the Inspire VCUK riders were at their best to be truthful…having picked up sore throats in the week and suffering with the early stages of a cold. So to be in the lead and so dominant in their second race of the weekend was impressive.

By the time the riders were on their the final lap, Lewis had gained an unassailable lead, lapping most of the field, whilst Cory and Nathan were battling it out for the 2nd place. Unfortunately Nathan punctured just before the pits and was forced on to a mountain bike, thereby having to settle for third.


So after four rounds, and almost halfway through the number of qualifying events (10), we have Lewis taking his 4th win from four events and leading the league, with Cory Edmondson lying second. Nathan has missed one event but is finely poised to take 3rd spot, especially if he can keep the air in his tyres!


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