NWCCA – Round 7 – Northwich

The day began very wet, with the first muddy course beckoning.

For RD7 the Inspire VCUK Racing Team had Cory Edmondson, Nathan Hawthorn and Daniel Gibson on the starting grid.

The Edmondson family only made the race with minuets to spare after “vehicle issues” so no time to try the course or even warm up for young Cory!

The race started with 29 riders and a very fast start commenced with Cory in the lead, but the race came to an abrupt stand still minutes later after it was noticed that the course had not been marked out properly!

A while later (20 mins or so) and feeling rather chilly from being held up, the riders finally got going and again a very good start from Cory who once again led the race with Isaac Peatfield on his wheel.

The course was wet and muddy in the true style of a winter CX racing with lots of single track woodland and then open fields.

Cory and Isaac opened a large gap on the rest of the riders but Cory was unable to despatch Isaac who seemed very strong today. Cory rode most of the race with Isaac on his wheel but did force him on to the front towards the end of the race.

In the final straight, Cory then took the lead before entering the technical finish area and was able to cross the line for first place, his first victory of the season!

Having a great race himself was Daniel, who battled hard all day to cross the line in 3rd place, his highest finish ever in a CX race – brilliant.


So, well done to Cory and Daniel from the VCUK and also Isaac from Bolton Hot Wheels for putting up a great contest!

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