NWCCA Round 2: Horwich Humdinger, Leverhulme Park, Bolton

Last weekend brought Round 2 of the 2015/16 Cyclo-Cross season, and after a successful Round 1, Lewis was keen to put down another strong performance.

Horwich CC have a reputation for laying down the very best of Cyclo Cross courses and they did not disappoint this time. The course utilised the entire park and was designed for powerful riders accustomed to road racing! The course included several very long and flat “power” sections, providing an opportunity for riders to put the power down and stretch the opposition.

The weather on the day was very good, starting with a morning mist and heavy dew that developed into bright sun and dry grass. No mud to be seen anywhere!


Over thirty youth riders lined up on the main field in anticipation of the starting whistle and once it blew, the riders accelerated away into the far reaches of the park.

Lewis did not have a particularly strong start this week, struggling to clip in and then having to make his way to the front of the pack.


As the riders approached the pits for the first time, three had managed to gap the rest of the field: again Cory Edmondson was in the mix alongside Charlie Craig, with Lewis leading the way.


As the laps passed by, the gap back to the remaining riders increased and these three began to lap some of the backmarkers. It was Lewis who seemed to be on the front for most of the race, with the other two content to ride his wheel. Occasionally Charlie came through to do a strong turn to see if he had the strength to gain some ground but as the race entered the final lap it became clear that these three were staying together to fight for the victory.


As the riders entered the final 500m, they had to negotiate a wooded segment and they also approached some lapped riders. This is when Cory made his move, taking Lewis by surprise and beginning his charge for the line. Lewis reacted immediately, and Charlie was in close quarters and the three were really fighting hard to win.

At the very finish of the race was a switch back and Cory took the shorter and perceived faster line but Lewis had other ideas, rounding the corner on the outside and snatching victory with a super cool power drift!


The crowd went wild and many people remarked how exciting the finish actually was…a big well done to Cory, Charlie and of course our very own Lewis for putting on a great contest!


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