NWCCA Round 13 – Beacon Country Park, Wigan – Race Report

NWCCA Round 13 – Beacon Country Park, Wigan – Race Report

Yesterday witnessed the finale to the North West Cyclo-Cross Association (NWCCA) 2014/15 league event, held at Beacon Country Park, near Wigan.

The event was organised by Rob Pugh, the league Chairman, in conjunction with his club St Helens CRC.

The event was sponsored generously by Harry McNally Tiling, Bio-Racer, Kuota UK Bikes and Velo Champion (also a sponsor of our racing team!).

The youth race started at 11am, on a very cold morning, with remnants of snow on the course.

Close to 40 riders took to the grid with two riders representing the Inspire VCUK Racing Team: Lewis Hartley and Daniel Gibson.

Start Line

The race set-off at a blistering pace with Lewis taking 2nd wheel behind Cory Edmondson of CSP with Alistair Leivers clung to their coat tails in 3rd spot, trying to stay close to Cory for a battle to take the 2nd spot in the league.

After 1 lap, of the 30 minute race, there were already gaps beginning to appear. Several riders had got away but at the front was Lewis Hartley, who seemed determined to win this race and put his final mark on the league which he had already secured several weeks ago.

Early Laps

A little further back, the contest for the other podium places ensued with Cory struggling to hold the pace, Alistair have a minor mechanical, and three riders from the Furness Flyers forming a significant threat to the top placings in this event.

As the race approach the last lap and the lap bell rung out, Lewis had stormed around the circuit and opened up a huge lead on those in his wake. Meanwhile Daniel Gibson was riding hard to secure a place in the top 10. In the end Daniel finished 9th which was a good result considering he has only competed a few times in CX this season.


Lewis went on to take the win quite comfortably,


with the Furness Flyer riders coming home in 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot with Tyla Loftus, Michael Hall and Tom Martin all putting in a fine team performance. Cory rolled home in 5th spot and Alistair 6th.




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