NWCCA – Round 12 – Macclesfield

On Monday the 28th December, several of the team travelled south to Macclesfield for the NWCCA  Super Cross event.

The first race of the day saw over 30 youth riders line up for a hasty start on a relatively dry course (considering recent weather!).


Lewis took up an early lead with Solomon Kerfoot-Robson, Charlie Craig and Isaac Peatfield with Cory Edmondson not too far behind, after experiencing a slow start.



Charlie threw in a couple of small attacks to try and gain a gap from the other 3 riders with Lewis the only rider willing to reel him back.

Lewis was feeling under the weather after a bout of Xmas flu and didn’t want to go too deep and worsen the recovery so mid-race he backed off.

Cory reeled in Lewis over time and then caught up with Solomon just before the final sprint to the line, managing to take 3rd place, with Isaac taking 2nd and Charlie taking the win.



Lewis finished in 5th place, a reflection of his condition on the day, but this result secured Lewis the overall league title for 2015/2016.


Nathan Hawthorn and Daniel Gibson had another enjoyable race finishing in 6th and 9th respectively – rounding off a good team effort with all four riders in the top 10.

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