NWCCA – Round 11 – Stadt Moers

On Sunday the 22nd November 2015, the Inspire VCUK Racing Team travelled to Merseyside for Round 11 of the NWCCA held at the Stadt Moers Country Park.

Setting off at 8am the vehicle showed zero degrees so a cold morning was expected. On arrival the sky was patchy blue and the sun came out so not as cold after all.

A field of around forty youth riders assembled on the central path through the park to start the race at 10:45am on the dot!

VCUK riders Lewis Hartley and Daniel Gibson both charged away from the front of the grid to lead the race through the initial technical turns around the pits with the rest of the field, including Isaac Peatfield and Craig Rogers, hot on their heels.


After the first lap, Lewis was still leading the race with Craig Rogers in close company and these two would make a race for the next 4-5 laps. Meanwhile, Isaac and Daniel were having their own little battle for the final podium spot a little further back.


In the later stages of the race, Lewis attached Craig before and after the pits in a pre-planned assault up a muddy bank that Lewis rode whilst Craig ran and carried. As Lewis rode over the top, having forged a small lead, he then continued to power away to gain a gap that was sustainable.


The race seemed to last a little longer than usual and finished after around 35 minutes of racing with Lewis taking his 8th league victory this season. Craig Rogers finished 2nd some distance back, followed by Isaac in 3rd and Daniel in 4th – another super ride by Daniel using only 1 bike (i.e. no pit changes!).


Anyone wondering where Cory Edmondson was…well he was attending a British Cycling Regional School of Racing for Mountain Bikers, taking up a great opportunity to access top class coaching and advice from the national federation for cycling.

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