North West Youth Circuit Championships

The boys took part in the recent North West Youth Circuit Championships over in Southport and we asked team rider, Dan Gibson to write us a short report of his experiences.

Over to Dan ….

“The race started out like every race does, fast and dangerous with people taking risks on every corner just to move up one place in the lead group and after a few Laps the inevitable happened. There was a crash on the shicane just after the finishing line but thankfully none of our riders came down but Lewis was badly held up by it.


The rest of us kept our noses near the front until me and Luke got shelled out but Halley was keeping near the front and looking strong. Then, Halley unluckily came off on a very wet hairpin and was unable to finish the race, very bad luck.


Everyone raced hard and gave everything they could, and it was a race which I was glad to finish.”

I think Dan’s words sum it up quite nicely there, very cold and wet weather makes for hard riding at times !

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