National Trophy – Round 2, Derby

A contrast from the previous day with the sun shining but a little chilly from the clear sky at night.

Cory Edmondson was the only VCUK rider to travel to Derby for the second round of the national trophy.

The course was relatively dry which is rather unusual  and unexpected for the Derby venue.


Around sixty national level riders were gridded and once the whistle sounded they pelted down the tarmac at high speed before hitting the green stuff.

Cory had a great start and was placed around 10th.

Ben Tulett took the early lead after bunny hopping the hurdles and immediately opening up a significant gap from Lewis Askey and Toby Barnes.


Euan Cameron was looking strong and chased the leaders throughout the race but never really threatened the top three.

Ben Healy,  Jenson Young and Craig Rogers were a few of the riders that followed close behind.


A group with Charlie Craig and Matty Taylor were just ahead of Cory and at one point it looked as if he would join up but he never quite managed to bridge across.

The course became quite slippery with off-camber sections and rideable steps but only a handful of riders manged to negotiate the steps.


A very exciting race and Cory finished 19th – room for improvement, but a good result with everything considered.

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