National Trophy MK and Track League

Last Friday we had the whole team racing at the MRTL Friday night track league.

The team is encouraging all the lads to continue racing and training on the track as this is the best way to improve pedalling technique. Here the boys start to pin their numbers on …. all apart from Luke who took the picture !


The track racing on Friday was followed by a full on Regional School of Racing (essentially a British Cycling coaching day) held at the Manchester velodrome, attended by VCUK riders: Daniel Gibson, Tom Ashcroft, Nathan Hawthorn, Lewis Hartley and Luke Cheetham. This is by invitation only to riders that BC believe are worthy of this kind of track specific coaching.

This particular session was all about learning how to ride an elimination race or “Devil takes the hindmost” as it is often referred.

On Sunday, Cory Edmondson was the only Inspire VCUK rider to travel to Milton Keynes for the last round of the British Cycling National Trophy CX series.


An overnight snowfall had made the course treacherous and in freezing conditions around 50 riders took to the start line.


Euan Cameron, Lewis Askey and Charlie Craig were amongst the riders gridded on the front row.

An early incident left Cory at the back of the race on the first climb but after half a lap he had moved up to 28th.

A technical and very muddy course with lots of off-camber slopes made riding difficult in places so a good day for the keen runners!



Euan, Lewis , Charlie & Toby BarnesĀ  formed a leading group early on that stayed together throughout, finishing in that order.

Cory made a valiant attempt to break into the top 10 but had to settle for 14th in the endĀ  – a very tough cold race!

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