Litherland Youth A Circuit Race

Saturday saw the full Team back in action at the second round of the North West Youth series with Dan, Halley and Luke being joined by Lewis making a return to racing following a short break with a slight knee injury.

The racing followed the usual format with a short race in the morning followed by a longer race after lunch.


The shorter of the races set off at a frantic pace with a few riders being shelled from the main group over the first couple of laps. The wind meant that the race fell into a format of being strung out in the tailwind and bunching back together into the headwind. The four VCUK were comfortably in the leading bunch but were unable to capitalise on this in the sprint and all finished comfortably in the small bunch.


The second race was a longer affair at 25 laps and although the weather was kind in staying dry the wind had picked up significantly. The same whittling down process soon began with riders gradually drifting off the back of the group as the laps wore on. A few attacks from the leading riders came to nothing with the wind playing the same role in stringing out and closing up the bunch. At the halfway point a decisive split happened with seven riders forming a front group and forging away. Dan, Halley and Luke managed to make this selection with Lewis being caught behind a slower rider as the split happened and, despite a valiant effort into the headwind, being unable to bridge across to the seven leaders.


The lead group continued to increase the pace and with two laps to go Dan, then Halley, and finally Luke lost contact and formed into a three man chasing group. The race was won by Theo Hartley with Luke, Halley and Dan coming in 5th, 6th and 7th respectively with Lewis not putting too much stress on his knee and finishing comfortably with the chasing riders.


All in all a good day’s racing in challenging conditions with a solid result for the boys and a welcome return to racing for Lewis.

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