Litherland Finale

The Litherland Closed Circuit Racing League concluded this week with the final event being held on Wednesday the 19th August.

Both Daniel Gibson and Tom Ashcroft have regularly attended these weekly events, with Daniel competing for the Youth A title and Tom the Youth B.

After 20 rounds, Daniel managed to finish 2nd in the league with Daniel Salcedo being crowned the winner from Southport Cycling Club.

During this campaign Daniel managed to win on 4 separate occasions and competed hard every time he turned up.

In the Youth B campaign, young Tom “the Assassin” Ashcroft totally dominated affairs, winning 12 events and taking the league title.



After securing the title, Tom began riding up in the Youth A races (with dispensation) and impressively won the final three rounds of the A category races even though he is technically a youth B rider.


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