Lewis Hartley – My Secrets to Success at CX

Over the winter, the team’s cyclo-cross specialist Lewis Hartley has enjoyed great success in the North West Cyclo-cross Association championships, ending up the overall winner in the Youth category.

Team Owner, Martin Holden asked Lewis to give us a quick run down of what helps him become successful in this tough area of the sport.

Read his interview here:

“Preparing for a race is essential for me, the way I do it is to ride the 20 minute Olympic warm up on the rollers the day before the race as this loosens up my legs. I will then perform a number of different stretches, after that I will do four different types of foam rolling exercises to get all the knots out of my legs and massage them to make them feel fresh.

Having a good meal the day before the race will definitely help, this doesn’t include pizzas or pies it would be better to have a pasta dish which is easily digested and good energy for the race the next day.

Going to bed at the right time is very important because you need to keep as fresh as possible for the race the next day.

In the morning of the race, having the correct breakfast will give me a good amount of energy for the race. I will have a bowl of porridge with some bananas and cranberries sprinkled in.

Before the race there are lots of important jobs to be done, having the right tyre pressures in the tubs is essential. After I have set the tire pressures I will do two to three laps practising each bit on the course so it will benefit me in the race.

I usually warm up in my full-zip winter leggings (that can be removed on the start line) and I wear my Champion System fleece lined winter jacket and winter gloves that keep me nice and warm.

Up to one before the race I will need to keep hydrated. I use GoCoCo coconut water and Lovebeets beetroot juice to keep myself topped up.

I also have snacks on the morning of the race such as blissful berry Creative Nature bars, bananas and dried dates. I wouldn’t have these too close to the race because I could feel sick or might vomit during or after the race.

Before the race I will perform a 20 minute turbo warm up with a few sprints and longer threshold efforts which will loosen my legs up and get them prepared for the race.

Getting on to the start line too early is always a bad thing because you want to keep warm before the race and keep your legs moving, this is why I try to get there 5 minutes before the race starts.”

I am sure that gives lots of rides a good idea of the dedication and attention to detail that all our riders show when it comes to racing. Getting the small things right helps in the bigger picture of achieving success.

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