Dolan Series – Southport – Race 2

Three of the lads returned to Southport last weekend for Round 2 of the Dolan Series: Daniel Gibson, Luke Cheetham and Lewis Hartley.


Halley Woods was missing from the team as he had already committed to participating in the Icebreaker Series down in South Wales, an early series of velodrome track races.

At Southport, the weather was almost perfect. A touch cold but bright sunshine and not much wind.

The field was similar to the first round and Race #1 set off at the usual blistering pace. The bunch of riders soon became stretched and strung out and within l lap there were riders being shelled out the back and losing contact.


Our riders kept in touch at the front of the pack right up to the bell lap but half way round the final lap, and on the tightest acute corner, a crash occurred involving Jack Barton from Furness Flyers and Alistair Leivers from BYCA.

This crash was near the front and all of our riders were held up for the finish, unfortunately missing out on the opportunity to place in the top 10.

For Race#2, which was the long race of the day, the boys performed very well, especially when you consider they are first year riders in a two year category.

Lewis was always near the front of the bunch, looking for opportunities to break away or policing the strongest riders in the bunch. Dan was also very determined to finish with the leaders, expressing a “pain face” throughout the race.


Luke found the second race a tough affair, probably wondering if he should have started the race with the remnants of a cold. He battled on and finished the race in a small group of riders that found the race equally challenging.

So at the end of the day Lewis finished in 10th spot, with Daniel 14th and Luke 24th from a very strong field of 36 riders.


You can read the full results here – RESULTS

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