Dolan Series Race #1 – Victoria Park, Southport


On Saturday morning the whole of the Inspire VCUK Racing Team assembled in Sunny Southport for the opening round of the infamous schoolboy racing in Victoria Park, sponsored for many years by Terry Dolan.


Our six riders warmed up for 2 x races, 1 short race to suit the sprinters and one longer 25 lapper to suit the endurance riders.

There was a strong contingent from the IOM including the very talented William Draper alongside the Speedflex Rider Jack Barton who has a very fast finish.



Race 1 was over fairly quickly although there were a few “incidents” involving wet corners and high pressures.

With just under 40 riders in the race, we ended up with a 6th place and despite a crash from Nathan, who chased hard to get back, he managed 7th.


We had 3 riders in the top 10 and all 6 riders on the top 20 – so progress from 2015!


In race 2, our riders were again very active and were able to stay near the front and influence how the race panned out. Lewis and Nathan worked hard, alongside Cory, to control attacks and even tried to get away themselves but nothing seemed to stick. Danny had a few technical issues with his set-up (teething trouble) and after falling back the judges seemed to have decided to leave him out of the results altogether?


In the end, Lewis managed to secure a consistent 6th place to earn his first points of 2016, with Cory in 7th. Nathan provided a lead out for Lewis and finished 12th. Tom finished a commendable 19th in his first year as a youth A and Luke managed 27th.



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