2016 05 14/15 MTB Dalby Forest

Team rider, Cory Edmondson recently took part in the National Round 3 over in Dalby and we asked him for his thoughts:


Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th was the xc mtb national round 3 at Dalby forest Pickering.
A wet start to the weekend but soon dried up to blue skies and sunshine. The World Cup course was being used for this national and there was a fantastic atmosphere. Organised  by the Nutcracker team who only a few weeks earlier had used parts of the course for round 2 of the Nutcracker series.


On Sunday morning around 48 riders were gridded into the pen and Cory Edmondson our only VCUK rider was gridded near the back in 38th position due to a tough course in Plymouth for round 2 of the national series where his cleat worked its way loose almost costing him his race!

As the gun shot the youths raced their way to the bottleneck single track, a clash of bikes in front of Cory, narrowly missing the collision it delayed his passage.

Sean Flinn, Sam Culverwell and Harry Birchall leading the group with Ben Tullet chasing

After the long climb Cory was just inside the top 30 riders.
Lap 2 and Cory was already in the top 20’s having worked hard to claw his way back up.

Lap 3 and Cory was comfortable in 20th position and chasing 19th.


A very technical and difficult course with lots roots and obstacles but suiting Cory with the climbs and rocks.

Shaun Flinn taking the win followed by Sam Culverwell and Harry Birchall in 2nd and 3rd.
Ben Tullet keeping 4th.

Cory came over the line in 20th,
A good race for Cory .
Mixed feelings from him, happy to have been able to move up but disappointed with the bad luck early in the race.

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